Understanding Islam: Theology, Sociology, and Legality

Date: 3-6 January 2018

Venue: Neembadi, Ahmedabad

Partner Organisation: SANGLI and AALI (Association For Advocacy and Legal Initiatives)

A three-day residential workshop on ‘Understanding Islam: Theology, sociology, and legality’ was first held in Ahmedabad from January 3 – 6, 2018 to provide participants with an opportunity to increase their understanding, awareness and sensitivity to a range of issues related to Islam by breaking the existing myths about Islam. Rights of women in Islam were discussed to help participants increase their self-confidence and enhance their analytical communication in the context of Islam and its ethos.  The Workshop was organized in partnership with Sangram Sanstha.

Followed by the success of the Ahmedabad Workshop, the second workshop of the same kind was held in Lucknow from July 9-11, 2018. The target group was the people from across communities and gender who are interested to understand and get familiar with the essentials of Islam. It was sponsored by AALI (Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives)

The methodology of the course was participatory and experiential. Relevant reading materials were provided. In order to liven the process, recitation, music, and films were used. There were sessions on the status of women in Islam which incorporated stories of prominent Muslim women giving the participants an idea about the rights and gender-justice in Islam. Issues such as marriage, divorce and inheritance were discussed. Current topics including the Supreme Court’s judgment on Triple Talaq, Halala and polygamy were also discussed.

Understanding Islam: Theology, Sociology, and Legality
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